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Coma **** (1978, Geneviève Bujold, Michael Douglas, Rip Torn, Richard Widmark, Lois Chiles, Elizabeth Ashley, Tom Selleck, Ed Harris) – Classic Movie Review 4142


Writer-director Michael Crichton’s hit 1978 medical thriller is 110% all it needs to be, tense, suspenseful, unusually unsettling and particularly satisfying.

An ideally cast Geneviève Bujold is really effective as a feisty and intrepid junior surgeon risking her life to unearth the secret behind all the bodies in a coma in a Boston teaching hospital. She comes to suspect that her bosses are trading in human spare parts on the black market.


There is a vintage cast to support her too, headed by Richard Widmark in a tremendous portrait of villainy as the chief surgeon, Michael Douglas as Bujold’s lover, Lois Chiles as her best friend in peril and Elizabeth Ashley, Rip Torn, Lois Chiles, Tom Selleck, Ed Harris and Harry Rhodes.

Based on Robin Cook’s novel, Coma is an unmissable movie for suspense fans.

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