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Cannon for Cordoba ** (1970, George Peppard, Raf Vallone, Giovanna Ralli, Pete Duel, Don Gordon) – Classic Movie Review 6580

Director Paul Wendkos’s 1970 Mexican Revolution action adventure stars George Peppard as Captain Rod Douglas, sent in 1916 by US General John J Pershing (John Russell) along with his buddies to try to destroy six cannons before they can be used by the Mexican Army or Mexican rebel leader Cordoba (Raf Vallone).

Playing Leonora, Giovanna Ralli rallies to the support of Peppard as vengeance against Vallone, who has attacked her.

This scenic if minor Spanish-made paella Western from the same Mirisch Production Company team who made Guns of the Magnificent Seven the previous year, boasts energetic action, some tense and lusty acting, a rousing score by Elmer Bernstein and lots of loud bangs and dead bodies.

Also in the cast are Pete Duel, Don Gordon, Nico Minardos, Francine York, John Larch, John Clarke, Hans Meyer, Gabriele Tinti, Richard Pendrey, Takis Emmanuel, Janis Hansen and Lionel Murton as Colonel Hammond.

It is written by Stephen Kandel, shot by Antonio Macasoli and produced by Stephen Kandel and Vincent Fenelly.

It was released in the UK as support to the third Virgil Tibbs film, The Organization (1970).

It is also known as Dragon Master.

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