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Bride for Sale **** (1949, Claudette Colbert, George Brent, Robert Young) – Classic Movie Review 5476

The delicious Claudette Colbert was still making the same kind of films in the late Forties as she played in the mid-Thirties, and happily still delighting audiences with her class act.

Director William D Russell’s sparklingly performed if slightly skimpily scripted 1949 RKO Radio Pictures romantic comedy has her as a tax-minded businesswoman who takes a new job to comb the files for a rich husband.

George Brent plays her new boss who gets his buddy (Robert Young) to teach her a lesson. But then it all backfires when they both really fall for her.

With Bruce Manning and Islin Auster’s screenplay based on a story by Joseph Fields, this neglected movie is screwball at very near its sweetest.

Also in the cast are Max Baer, Gus Schilling, Charles Arnt, Thurston Hall, Mary Bear, Anne Tyrrell, Paul Maxey, Burk Symon, Stephen Chase, Anne O’Neal and John Michaels.

The music score is by Frederick Hollander. It is made by Crest Productions and released by RKO.

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