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Bootmen ***½ (2000, Adam Garcia, Sophie Lee, Sam Worthington) – Classic Movie Review 4829

Adam Garcia stars as Sean, a young man who decides to his rewrite his life’s destiny by starting a tap dance group to escape working in the local Australian steel mill for the rest of his life.

Director Dein Perry’s sweet-natured 2000 Australian comedy drama is vivacious and refreshing, with Garcia very appealing and brilliant tap dancing. The movie is both directed and choreographed by Perry, the creator of the long-running hit theatre show Tap Dogs.

Also in the cast are Sam Worthington as Sean’s brother Mitchell, Sophie Lee, William Zappa, Richard Carter, Susie Porter, Anthony Hayes, Christopher Horsey, Drew Kaluskey and Matt Lee, with Vaughan Sheffield as young Sean, Christian Patterson  as young Mitchell and Lisa Perry as Sean and Mitchell’s mother.

The screenplay is by Steve Worland, from a story by him, Perry and Hilary Linstead.

Adam Garcia stars in Twilight Song from 12 July to 12 August 2017 at North London’s Park Theatre, written by Kevin Elyot, author of the Olivier Award-winning comedy My Night With Reg.

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