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Adult Life Skills *** (2016, Jodie Whittaker, Lorraine Ashbourne, Brett Goldstein, Rachael Deering, Eileen Davies, Alice Lowe, Edward Hogg) – Movie Review


Appealing Jodie Whittaker does well as Anna, a totally unresolved woman of nearly 30, who is stuck living like a hermit in her mum’s garden shed in confident writer-director Rachel Tunnard’s warm and friendly Brit comedy.

A week before her 30th birthday, Anna’s exasperated mum serves her an ultimatum: get out of the shed, get some decent clothes and get a haircut. Get a life!

It is quirkily written and and well performed by a nice cast, who also include Lorraine Ashbourne, Brett Goldstein, Rachael Deering, Eileen Davies, Alice Lowe and Edward Hogg.

The arrival on Anna’s scene of three people proves life changing, when Anna is confronted by a cheery visiting school friend, a troubled eight year old boy obsessed with Westerns, and the ditzy, romantically inclined local estate agent. Can Anna, er, shed her old stuck self and move on?

Any slight shortcomings can be forgiven because it tries very, very hard to be different, amusing, touching and just nice, all things which should connect with its intended audience.

It was filmed in Huddersfield, Yorkshire (main house and sailing Club), and Edale, Derbyshire (rock pool and cycling).

Rachel Tunnard makes her feature debut.

It is Rachel Tunnard’s first feature film as writer and director.

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